Nargiso: “I explain why Jannik Sinner will be stronger than Carlos Alcaraz.”

In contrast to his previous results at Wimbledon 2022, Jannik Sinner’s performance on grass has had a resounding surge. The young talent from Alto Adige, who had been collecting disappointing results between last year and this year’s Eastbourne tournament, has shown at the Championships that he can now compete with the greatest even on the surface in question.

So the word can’t help but go to what can only be described as an excellent connoisseur of Wimbledon, Diego Nargiso, champion of the London Slam in 1987 at junior level. The former Azzurri player, interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport, took an in-depth look at Sinner’s growth path: “The most important change is in the forward transition: he is transforming from a horizontal player to a vertical one.

Sometimes he still starts from behind, but he’s immediately ready to gain the back line and advance to the net when he can set up a good attack. He will never be a great hitter, but on serve he is definitely more continuous.” .

Nargiso gets off balance: “Sinner will become better than Alcaraz.”
Continuing in his analysis, Diego Nargiso also pointed out what he said are the aspects that Jannik Sinner can improve and that partly penalized him in the comeback loss against Novak Djokovic: “In the serve he can use more the solution to the body and in response also play blocked shots.

The hand, for the net game, can certainly be educated, but the whole thing matters more: when to attack, how to position himself under the net and what kind of volley to play. The choice of Cahill is justified mainly in this aspect.” .

There is room, finally, for a prediction by Nargiso that, once read, might even perplex some: “In my opinion it will take two years for him to complete his technical growth, but champions like Federer, Djokovic and Nadal teach us that there is no age limit for improvement.

I am convinced that at the end of his journey Jannik will be stronger than Alcaraz, who is already a very complete player, but with little room for improvement.”.