McEnroe stands with Novak Djokovic: “It’s ridiculous that he can’t play the US Open.”

Novak Djokovic made his 2022 meaningful by winning his seventh Wimbledon title and equaling his idol Pete Sampras. The No. 1 seed dropped several sets on the road during the tournament, but he was always flawless in the decisive moments.

By winning the Championships for the fourth year in a row, the 35-year-old from Belgrade raised himself to 21 Slams and narrowed the gap separating him from Rafael Nadal in the all-time rankings. There is no telling what the Belgrade veteran will do in the next two months.

Since he is not vaccinated against Coronavirus and has not changed his mind about it, Nole will not be able to enter the United States unless there are unlikely last-minute second thoughts. In all likelihood, the ‘Djoker’ will also be forced to miss the U.S. Masters preceding the last Major of the season.

At ESPN’s microphones, John McEnroe railed against the rule not allowing Novak into the United States. The 21-time Slam champion revealed that he will not play minor tournaments to go after points.

John McEnroe is furious

“I think politics got in the way too much”-said McEnroe shortly after Djokovic’s Wimbledon victory. “It already happened in Australia at the beginning of the year.

Let Novak Djokovic come into the United States and play the U.S. Open. This is a ridiculous measure that only ends up hurting tennis. It would be a real shame if Nole could not play the last Slam of the season,” – John quipped.

At the press conference, the Serb was silent about his schedule: “I will wait for some good news from the US, because I would really like to play one or two tournaments before the US Open.

If that does not happen, I will have to think of an alternative solution. To be honest, I doubt I will be going for points. From what I understand, winning a Slam rightfully qualifies you for the ATP Finals unless you are outside the top 20. Thanks to the points accumulated so far, I should have no problem from that pointto view.”