Novak Djokovic and the inhaled substance: “It’s a magic potion.”

Novak Djokovic disposed of Cameron Norrie in four sets and will have a chance to contest his eighth Wimbledon final next Sunday. It took the Serbian champion more than a set to find his rhythm and only from the second set onward did he begin to take control of the exchanges.

In the last act of the Championships he will face Nick Kyrgios, who reached the final without playing due to Rafael Nadal’s withdrawal. “This is not how I wanted to get to the final. I really wanted to see how yet another challenge against Nadal would turn out.

I haven’t talked to him but I hope he recovers quickly. I had a really bad sleep last night. Probably an hour in all. I felt so nervous. I was just restless, with so many thoughts in my head about the Wimbledon final.

I had never reached it until now. I will take some chamomile tea to rest.” , Kyrgios said at a press conference.

Djokovic inhaling from the bottle? The Serbian champion’s response

In recent days, there has been much talk about the contents of the water bottle that Djokovic inhaled and did not drink during the match against Tim van Rijthoven.

The Serbian gave a very ironic answer to the question put to him by one of the journalists present in the press room. The Belgradean appeared quite calm and revealed a particular backstory. “It’s a magic potion, that’s all I can say( laughs, ed.) .

You will find out everything soon, but right now I can’t talk about it. Public factor in the match with Norrie? It’s never easy to play when the whole stadium is cheering for your opponent, I expected that.

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It was a logical thing against Norrie at Wimbledon. He is the home idol and everyone wanted him to win. I still managed to keep my concentration despite the bad performance in the first set. It was not easy to close the match, he asked many times for the support of the audience.

I felt the pressure in the last games, but I served well. It is a blessing to serve like this, especially on grass” .

Novak Djokovic and the inhaled substance: “It’s a magic potion.”

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