Rothenberg attacks Djokovic: Serb’s wife responds harshly to criticism

“I will go on vacation and rest in the next two weeks. Then I will wait for good news from the United States. I would like to play the US Open. I am not vaccinated and I am not going to vaccinate now.

The only good news that might come from the United States concerns the rules for entry into the country.” . After lifting the Wimbledon trophy to the sky for the seventh time in his career, Novak Djokovic addressed the schedule he will try to follow in the latter part of the season.

Given the current regulations in the United States, which require travelers to present a full vaccination course at the border, the Serb would not be able to participate in the U.S. Masters 1000 and, more importantly, the U.S. Open.

Ben Rothenberg, one of the best-known journalists in the tennis world, analyzed the Serbian champion’s situation by launching yet another provocation against him. Rothenberg has always adopted a critical attitude toward Djokovic.

Harsh attack in confornti of Djokovic: Jelena intervenes

“Unless there are sudden changes on U.S. immigration regulations, Wimbledon will be Djokovic’s last Slam of the year.

The United States requires vaccination for entry of foreign nationals and Djokovic has firmly ruled out vaccinating himself, establishing himself as an anti-vax posterboy.” , Rothenberg wrote on his own Twitter account.

The last sentence of the tweet did not please Jelena Djokovic, Novak’s wife, who decided to intervene to clarify an important issue. “Excuse me. I would just like to point out the fact that you labeled him an anti-vax posterboy for whatever reason.

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He simply spoke about his personal choice” , Jelena explained to emphasize that her husband made his own decision without wanting to influence other people. Rothenberg’s response was not long in coming.

“I understand that the choice is his. I am saying that his decision not to goccinction, which limits his ability to participate in some tournaments, has made him, unknowingly or not, a major icon of the anti-vax movement.

I believe that every citizen, especially public figures, have a duty to act responsibly with public health actions and messages during the pandemic, and Djokovic, for the champion he is and the influence he has, has disappointed me deeply.” .

Jelena ended the diatribe by sending a clear message to her interlocutor. “You are creating a critical narrative that suits your purpose very well. Novak is simply choosing what is best for his body.

He will not play some tournaments because of this choice and he has accepted that. Thank you for sharing your beliefs. I hope you will not be judged for them and then become a posterboy for hate and bullying. You are also an influential figure, please do not continue to disappoint unless it is your role” .

Rothenberg attacks Djokovic: Serb’s wife responds harshly to criticism

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