Kyrgios, mother’s shock revelation: ‘Watching him play unpleasant experience’

Dealing with a character like Nick Kyrgios is no easy feat, even for those closest to him such as his family. The Australian has avowedly chosen not to have a coach, but during his matches his box always consists of friends and family whom he feels he wants close by for support.

Or simply to vent, as was evident in last Sunday’s Wimbledon final. While from a purely technical point of view watching him play is a pleasure for the eyes, it can sometimes be an unpleasant experience when considering the purely human-behavioral aspect, as his mother Norlaila tells, “For me, it is not a pleasant experience to watch a match of my son’s.” , the woman confessed.

“In fact, in the final the only thing I saw was when he entered the field and the tie. At that point I decided to go to sleep. I didn’t watch any of his matches in the whole tournament.

I woke up in the middle of the night and watched the result, but I was perfectly rested. It’s clear to me that I’m not going to see him in a stadium because you don’t know what you have to do to keep him from getting upset, whether to shut up, cheer, stand up or sit down.” .

Kyrgios, brother: “We will support him no matter what.”
Nick’s brother Christos Kyrgios, however, who was not present in the box in the match against Novak Djokovic, also spoke on the issue.

Christos who, unlike his mother, was softer in his judgment: “Being in his box can be an uncomfortable experience, but it wouldn’t be Nick if he didn’t show his ferocity on the court.

He tries to keep the intensity high and thinks that’s the best way. For him, yelling at us is a valve to reduce pressure and nerves. He knows we love him and will support him no matter what he tells us, so he lets go and tries to focus through us.

We have told him many times that if he really needs it and thinks it helps him, he can tell us and we have made it clear to him that we will always be there, we will not abandon him.” .