ATP Finals in Turin: is Novak Djokovic in danger of missing out?

It’s safe to assume that Novak Djokovic and his tennis aren’t being represented accurately in the current world rankings.

Since reaching the US Open final last year, Djokovic has gained 1,200 ranking points. If he can’t keep those points up, he will fall even deeper in the rankings.

That has many wondering whether Novak Djokovic would miss out on the ATP Finals in Turin, Italy, in November because of this. The answer, on the other hand, is probably no.

The ATP Finals in Turin will be held in Turin if Novak Djokovic finishes the season in the world’s top 20.

For Djokovic, it’s an uncommon situation to find himself in: 10th in the race to Turin.

The sole reason Djokovic has fallen to tenth place is because of the abolition of ranking points at Wimbledon. He would have qualified if he had been given the 2,000 he would typically get for winning the competition, which would have put him in fourth place. Despite this, he should still be able to enjoy himself.

FIFA World Cup qualifying regulations
When it comes to qualifying for the ATP Finals, there is a clause that rewards Grand Slam winners.

It’s a Grand Slam goal for Novak Djokovic.
After the Rolex Paris Masters, the top seven players in the ATP Race to Turin qualify for the Nitto ATP Finals, according to the ATP website.

“The eighth-place finisher in the Race, if any, is the current year’s Grand Slam champion. Two current year Grand Slam winners ranked between eighth and twentyth on the Race will act as alternates if there are two eighth-placed players in the Race who are current Grand Slam champions.

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As long as there aren’t any current-year Grand Slam winners in positions eight through twenty, the player in eighth place will be awarded the eighth and final spot.

In order to go to Turin, you need to be ranked in the top 20 in the world and win a Grand Slam tournament. Djokovic has already done half of that. He can simply get his hands on the other half.

Djokovic’s thoughts on ATP Finals have not been forthcoming.
It seems that a journalist who may not have been familiar with the regulations of the ATP Finals questioned Djokovic whether he was concerned about him qualifying after winning Wimbledon.

World Tour Finals qualification for Grand Slam champions, according to Djokovic’s agency, is based on a player’s current ranking.

As of now, I think I’ll be in the top 20.” That’s right, I believe I have a strong chance of making it to the Championship Round. I’m not going to put myself through the stress of going to tournaments in order to rack up points.

“I’ll have to see,” he said. I have no desire or need to play a certain schedule. In the past year or year and a half, my life has altered dramatically.

“I finally got the historic No. 1, weeks for No. 1, that I’d been working for my whole life. Prioritizing the grand slams and events I want to compete in is now my top priority.

As for the scheduling, Goran and I haven’t spoken about it yet. From there, we’ll be able to make a decision on what to do next based on what’s going on in the States.”

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ATP Finals in Turin: is Novak Djokovic in danger of missing out?

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