Gael Monfils can not play in the ATP 500 tournament because he just had surgery and is not ready to play yet.

Gael Monfils, the best tennis player in France, has pulled out of the Hamburg Open because he is not ready to play yet. Monfils, who is 35 years old, will not be in Hamburg for the sixth time this year.

Monfils has taken part in the Hamburg Open five times as of 2006.

In 2011, he lost to Gilles Simon in the quarterfinals. When was the year that Monfils achieved his best result in Hamburg. Even though Monfils missed out on a spot in Hamburg in 2021, everyone expected him to come back this year. Monfils had surgery on his right heel in the middle of May. He will probably need more time to recover before he can play again.

Monfils chose Hamburg as the place where he would make his comeback.

As he said at the time, Monfils pulled out of Wimbledon at the end of June. Monfils said in his statement that he plans to come back in Hamburg. “I just hurt my foot, so I wanted to tell you a little something.

This week, I went back to training and felt energized right away. Now that I have more freedom, I can slowly get back into tennis shape while also increasing the amount of time I spend working out. Best-of-five tennis matches on grass courts are hard on the body, and I just started practicing for them again.

This year, we have decided not to go to Wimbledon. I am going to spend my time getting ready for the summer instead. I will compete in Kizbuhel after Hamburg, and then I will go to the United States.

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I am looking forward to seeing you all again. Gael ” Monfils took to Twitter at the end of June to say what he thought. Monfils might not play in Hamburg next week, but he might come back to play in Kitzbuhel. The Generali Open starts on July 25 in Kitzbuhel, but it is not clear if Monfils will be there or not.

Gael Monfils can not play in the ATP 500 tournament because he just had surgery and is not ready to play yet.
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