“It was extraordinary”: Auger-Aliassime extols Novak Djokovic after Wimbledon

Several tennis players on the circuit have elected to extend their grass-court season before the complete second half of the season begins on hardcourt. For Felix Auger-Aliassime, this will be his fourth grass-court competition, following the Libema Open, the Halle Open, and the Wimbledon Championship.

The All England Club’s unhappiness at the loss of the Canadian number one in the first round to the American Cressy in four sets led to this decision.

And Andy Murray, who is the second seed in the draw in Newport and has opted to play on grass rather than clay, is also in the area that will hold the next Masters 1000 and the US Open, which is why he has chosen to play on grass.

The Canadian tennis player related a narrative featuring the Scotsman, with the Wimbledon final as its theme, in the United States city.

The Wimbledon final anecdote.

Auger-Aliassime and Andy Murray predicted that Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios will meet in the Wimbledon final in their pre-tournament interview.

In the end, it was the Serbian who came out on top, but it wasn’t what they expected. Tennis.com quotes the Canadian as saying, “Before the final, we were practicing together and discussing what we believed would happen and how we envisioned the match going.” “Talking with someone who has a tennis mind is always a pleasure.

We were all on the same page when it came to this issue. Djokovic winning in four sets was exactly what I expected. Andy pondered whether this could be accomplished in three sets. But we all knew it was going to be a challenge. Even the victor had a difficult time in this battle, which was evident to us.

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Finding out Andy’s take on it was fascinating.” Aliassime also praised Djokovic’s performance at Wimbledon: “Djokovic, once again time, standing up and displaying himself for the champion he is, was simply remarkable and inspiring.”

“It was extraordinary”: Auger-Aliassime extols Novak Djokovic after Wimbledon

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