Obradovic and Novak Djokovic’s real goal: “Here’s what he revealed to me”

After winning Wimbledon for the seventh time, Novak Djokovic was hailed as a hero in Belgrade. While in London for two weeks, Serbian champion Aleksandar Dragovic tried to put into words all of the feelings he felt during that time in his speech to the euphoric crowd.

“You live for these moments, and I will cherish them for the rest of my days. With your display of affection, you have made my day and year even better. It would be nice if we could meet up again someday.

I was lonely in Australia, but now that I’m back in Serbia, I’m surrounded by the love and support of my family and friends. When I win a title, it becomes my favorite. I won’t be able to travel to the United States or Australia at this time, but I’m hoping for good news shortly.

The Australian Open is just around the corner, and anything can happen “..

Novak Djokovic‘s true motivation is revealed by Ana Ivanovic Obradovic.

On the other hand, Djokovic talked specifically about his upcoming comeback to Australia, which is still a long way off despite his absence from the US Open.

For the Serbian, Grand Slam tournament participation is the ultimate ambition. In an interview with Tennis Channel, Djokovic’s old coach Bogdan Obradovic revealed what Djokovic’s goals were as a young player.

“The first time I met Djokovic, he was nine years old, and we had a long conversation. We began working together, though, when he turned thirteen. We worked together for nearly two decades.

Every time he spoke to me about his aim to reach number 30 in Slam events (ed.), I was reminded of it. Novak is looking forward to this. He has five more years of professional baseball ahead of him, therefore he has a good chance of achieving this ambition. We’ll have to wait and see “, Obradovic explained to the BBC’s cameras.