Source of inspiration? Elena Rybakina picks Roger Federer

Roger Federer, for example, has long been a source of motivation for younger tennis players. Players of the Swiss’ quality, as well as many others, are looked upon with immense reverence by younger players, who consider them as examples to emulate both on and off the court.

“The Swiss Maestro” as Federer is referred to, is one of the many legends that have been influenced by Elena Rybakina. On Instagram, the newly crowned Wimbledon champion showed all her “reverence” for the 20-time Slam champion: “Roger Federer’s style of play has always appealed to me.

I like watching matches regardless of who is playing, and huge matchups are much more fun to watch than smaller ones. His game is wonderful, but I have always enjoyed watching matches regardless of who was playing before him “According to Kazakh player, 23-year-old

In an interview, Tsitsipas said, “I miss seeing Federer on the tour.”

Among those who hold Roger Federer’s Swiss Open champion status in high regard is Elena Rybakina.

Stefanos Tsitsipas, currently ranked fourth in the world, praised Basel’s player on the eve of his debut in Halle last June: “Roger Federer is one of my favorite athletes, and I have always liked watching him play on television.

It was a dream come true to play against him “—said the Greek, who had previously stated that he was not the best at mowing grass. “During my first encounter with Roger on the court, I was going to serve and could not believe that he was there.

In my youth, Roger was the man I aspired to be like. What he is done for tennis is incredible. His style of play is equally as important as the prizes he has won. To be honest, I was hoping to catch up with him when he was on tour. Everyone like him since he is such an intriguing character “Nonetheless,.