Claire Fox praises Novak Djokovic for his consistency

This year hasn’t been easy for Novak Djokovic. As a result of his decision not to vaccinate against the Coronavirus, Serbian sensation Novak Djokovic was unable to defend his Australian Open championship.

He was forced to leave the nation and had his reputation tarnished after an almost two-week-long soap opera. Due to the same circumstances, the Belgrade-born 35-year-old was unable to compete at Indian Wells or Miami’s Masters 1000 in the spring.

Last Sunday, Nole capped off an incredible season by winning his seventh Wimbledon championship. The ‘Djoker’ has closed the gap between him and Rafael Nadal in the all-time Slam rankings by winning his fourth straight match at Church Road.

Novak Djokovic will not be allowed to compete in the US Masters 1000 and US Open in the United States unless something drastic happens at the eleventh hour. Rafa, on the other hand, will have a perfect opportunity to extend his reach.

Djokovic’s consistency was lauded by British lawmaker and ‘Plank of the Week’ broadcaster Claire Fox.

This year has been particularly trying for Novak Djokovic.

This has all been managed brilliantly by Novak Djokovic,” Fox said at the outset.

“He was treated horribly in Australia, where he was denied the opportunity to play for no apparent reason. It is up to Nole to make the finest choices for his body. We’re not talking about his opinions here; we’re talking about his body.

For the sake of adhering to his beliefs, he has given up several important events. Tennis prodigy, but also a man of high morals and ethics “In Claire’s words: Wimbledon winner Andy Murray has already said he will not pressurize the situation to get him into the United States. “In no case would I visit a foreign nation without first obtaining the proper visas and passports.

However, if I don’t get the autorialization for the US Open, it won’t be the end of the world.”