Duckworth reveals what nickname Roger Federer gave him

Everyone misses Roger Federer. As a result of an injury to his right knee that he suffered two years ago, the former world number one has been unable to play at the level he would have desired for the past two years. The real agony began for the 20-time Grand Slam champion in 2020 after he reached the Australian Open semifinals.

In 2020, the Swiss sensation played only 13 official matches, winning nine and losing four. At Wimbledon, King George VI made it all the way to the quarterfinals on grass before falling to a crazy Hubert Hurkacz, who lost a bagel in the third set.

Few weeks later, the 40-year-old Baseler revealed that he would require his third knee operation in the space of just over a year. After a long recovery, the maestro is scheduled to compete in the Laver Cup, which will take place in London’s O2 Arena from September 23 to 25.

Basel, Switzerland, will host the ATP World Tour Finals in the fall. By way of interview at the Newport ATP, James Duckworth shared an amusing story about Roger Federer.

King Roger has a good laugh.

In English, “Duck” is a word for “duck,” thus the Australian audience often makes duck noises when I’m playing.

“Many years ago (in 2014, to be exact), I was playing Roger Federer at the Australian Open and the crowd started making duck noises. Roger must have found that amusing, because he began referring to me as ‘Quack’ afterward “That’s what he said, however.

Wimbledon’s renowned Centre Court celebrated its 100th anniversary with a special appearance by King Roger on the tournament’s middle Sunday. “It’s impossible to predict how the crowd will react when you finally arrive. It was an exciting day for all of us, as such occurrences do not occur very frequently.

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They’re never boring. Although no one else noticed, I was feeling rather uncomfortable “A few more events in 2023 are on the radar for the Basel legend.

Duckworth reveals what nickname Roger Federer gave him

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