“He’s always welcome in Australia, they love him” Tiley talks about Novak Djokovic

When Craig Tiley certified an exemption for Novak Djokovic ahead of this year’s Australian Open, which he was eventually unable to attend due to government decision, he was at the heart of controversy.

Tennis Australia’s director does not want a recurrence of last January’s incident at the Australian Open. As he stated in an interview with SportKlub, he will not be able to make this decision, but he stressed how he is in daily communication with the Serbian squad to convey the numerous changes that the new government has implemented.

This veto might be overridden by the new Minister of Immigration, which would alleviate the issue that would otherwise exist if the unvaccinated Novak Djokovic were to play next season.

“I believe we’re doing everything we can. Novak is always welcome in Australia, and he knows that many Australians are eager to see him compete at the Australian Open.

There’s still a long way to go before the next Australian Open, so it’s up to others to make a decision. When Novak wins Wimbledon, he should enjoy it, says Tiley who praised him on his performance: “Novak played at an excellent level and deserved the win.

And I’m thrilled for him and the rest of his squad. On Centre Court at Wimbledon, he’s practically invincible despite a difficult year.”

After Wimbledon, Tiley got a call from Djokovic.

Tiley is disturbed about Djokovic’s admission that he had a talk with him following his victory against Kyrgios. The Tennis Australia director said, “I praised all of them for the last two weeks, Novak has done a wonderful job.”

After returning home to the jubilant cheers of his Serbian fans, the champion serb is anxiously awaiting word on his eligibility to compete in the American tour, which will conclude in the United States Open, the fourth and final grand slam.