“The vaccine does not protect”: a journalist takes sides and praises Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is dealing with a lot of uncertainty this season, and it’s not just because of his tennis problems. Anti-Covid restrictions in a number of countries have put the Serb in danger of being suspended for another two to three months, barring him from competing in many high-profile tournaments.

It is clear that the instances all stem from the Belgrade native’s decision not to get vaccinated against the virus, and he accepts full responsibility and repercussions for that decision.

After a series of back-and-forths, the 35-year-old was unable to participate in the first Grand Slam of the year in Australia, which also hampered his comeback to the clay court. America may not be outdone by the former world number one, who is unlikely to return to the top three rankings until the end of 2022 and beyond, especially if he plays few tournaments before the Nitto Atp Finals..

Because of the same circumstances, Nole has already missed the Masters 1000 tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami (last year he went all the way to the final act, then lost to Daniil Medvedev).

The staff expects that the law will be amended so that Novak Djokovic can play in subsequent tournaments despite the fact that current regulations prevent the entry of unvaccinated foreigners.

According to the journalist’s own words

Journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer defended the 35-year-old on Piers Morgan Uncensored: “Djokovic does not want preferential treatment.

My jaw dropped when I heard him say, “I’m not immunized and I won’t be playing in the US Open because of that.” I think it’s admirable that he’s sticking to his guns. A young man of sound health, “he made a remark.

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According to the present rules, “It’s a ridiculous rule, and that’s all that matters. Anyone who receives the vaccine is doing so for their own good. We do know, however, that Omicron does not offer much protection against the virus.

If you get really ill or die, you’ll be protected by the policy “he went on to say. “Curiously, in 2020 everyone appeared rather glad that sportsmen had completely different regulations than we have, being allowed to travel for competitions like the Australian Open when other people couldn’t even go home to see their family,” he said, finishing his remarks on the TV show.

“The vaccine does not protect”: a journalist takes sides and praises Novak Djokovic

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