Betting and match-fixing, Italian referee suspended: details

Betting and match-fixing issues are constantly present in tennis, despite the efforts of the sport’s authorities to keep them at bay. As of January 1 of this year, the International Integrity Tennis Unit (ITU) was given complete and exclusive authority to investigate any allegations of match-fixing or doping.

ITIA (International Tennis Integrity Agency) has decided to suspend chair umpire Francesco Totaro for an indeterminate period of time for allegations that he fixed a few matches using his position to his benefit. In 2022, the Atp Challenger Tour will host 13 singles matches overseen by an Italian, which could lead to more inquiries.

This action against the official is being taken while the claims against him involving his alleged involvement in some problems are thoroughly investigated, according to the committee that made the decision. Any tennis event sanctioned or sanctioned by the International Tennis Federation or the United States Tennis Association will be suspended until the disciplinary procedure is finished.

The inquiry is ongoing and ongoing; it has not yet been revealed what he is accused of and how many alleged infractions he is accused of committing.

A recurring topic.

One of the three Tunisian referees sentenced to a 20-year ban for committing as many as 12 infractions between 2017 and 2020, while the other two were given seven-year suspensions, Tennis Magazine Italia reported recently.

As a result of the detailedio’s manipulation of match outcomes in their electronic devices, the betting odds were also altered (an assist for those who obviously knew about it).

The three broke Article D.1.b anti-corruption, which states that people who participate in a tournament are prohibited from facilitating betting in any manner.

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Betting and match-fixing, Italian referee suspended: details
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