“I talked to Novak Djokovic”: Andreescu weighs in on an important issue

Tennis players’ mental well-being has also been a hot topic in the sport. After decades of being a taboo subject in society and athletics, the topic has taken center stage for many players, both on the women’s and women’s circuits.

Bianca Andreescu, the 19-year-old Canadian who beat Serena Williams in the U.S. Open final, is among them. A succession of health issues and personal issues have prevented the Romanian-born tennis player from returning to competition since her initial victory.

In recent weeks, he was chosen an ambassador for Tennis Canada’s Mental Timeout, a wellness program for athletes from this country. The Canadian also enlisted the help of certain male tennis stars, most notably her particular hero, Novak Djokovic.

“I strongly believe that the men’s circuit should also take part in such an effort. Novak Djokovic frequently discusses his own struggles with mental illness. Quite a few of his interviews have gotten on my nerves. When it comes to mental health, we’ve only spoken briefly.

I’m looking forward to discussing it further with him. It would be amazing if we could use each other’s ideas to start something new “Andreescu mentioned this.

Mental health is a hot-button issue.

In a video broadcast to Tennis Canada’s social media, the U.S. Open champion spoke on the subject, as reported by Sportskeeda, remarking about the significance of addressing mental health concerns and, most importantly, finally breaking the taboo prevalent in the sport. Tennis Canada.

“”Tennis Canada is committed to establishing a safer atmosphere for all of us,” said Bianca Andreescu, “since we know that mental health struggles are part of our sport.” I’m thrilled to represent Tennis Canada’s mental health initiative as an ambassador.

Stop hiding behind the stigma of mental illness and start doing everything you can to help yourself and those around you, on and off the court.”