Nicola Pietrangeli against Adriano Panatta: “Some lies he could spare himself.”

Nicola Pietrangeli was an Italian tennis legend and one of the best players of all time. In 1959, he defeated Ian Vermaak, who was then ranked third in the world, and in 1960, he defeated Luis Ayala, who was then ranked third in the world.

As captain of the Italian Davis Cup squad in 1976, Pietrangeli was instrumental in their only previous triumph in the storied team competition. Sky wanted to honor Adriano Panatta, Corrado Barazzutti, Paolo Bertolucci, and Tonino Zugarelli’s accomplishments on the court by producing the great documentary “A Team.”

Pietrangeli and Panatta’s relationship was depicted in a documentary that shed light on the differences and disputes that contributed to the former’s exoneration in 1978. “The four of them got together and devised a scheme to expel me.

In fact, we had already made it to the finals of the competition. In spite of their success, the prize was a slap on the bottom. The last time we spoke was five years ago “Pietrangeli has confirmed this multiple times.

According to Nicola Pietrangeli, Panatta could have avoided some of the lies that he told.

In an interview with Rai Uno Weekly, the former Italian tennis star returned to discuss the Panatta scandal. “He was born to play tennis, but Panatta lacks the wit to match his talent.

Adriano is of the higher category but does not like jokes. We used to be good friends, and it was easy for him to get furious by making a lighthearted joke at his expense “said Pietrangeli.

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“Yes, we have a better relationship with Panatta. Falsehoods can be salvaged, but not all of them. Even though I’m not a teller of the truth, I’m able to remember things better than most people despite my size, and I’m not perfect.

Davis Cup victory? We were dubbed the world’s most exquisite team, and I made it a point to require my teammates to dress appropriately when we traveled abroad, since we were representing our country “As a matter of fact,.

Nicola Pietrangeli against Adriano Panatta: “Some lies he could spare himself.”
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