Aslan Karatsev responds to match fixing allegations

Aslan Karatsev told a Russian media outlet that he had no idea about the match-fixing claims against him. Match-fixing allegations have been made against Karatsev and Nikoloz Basilashvili, according to German television ZDF.

The important character in the ZDF article was Belarusian tennis instructor Yegor Yatsyk, who had worked with Karatsev and Basilashvili. No, I haven’t heard anything about it. The Russian magazine Metaratings quoted Karatsev as saying, “I don’t know what they are talking about.”

Match-fixing claims are addressed by Karatsev and Basilashvili.
When asked about the ZDF story, Karatsev remained silent, but Basilashvili was not. According to Basilashvili, the claims are “absurd” and “extremely damaging disinformation” and he issued a statement this week in response.

Last weekend, I learned that media outlets in Germany had included my name in connection with suspicions of “Match Fixing.”

These claims have no validity whatsoever, and I strongly reject them. I’m not going to stand for it if my name and image are tarnished by baseless and ludicrous allegations.

As a result, I’m calling on the media to let the public know that I categorically refute all of these baseless charges and demand that they stop immediately.

In a statement posted by his agency, Basilashvili stated, “I have given authority to a German law firm to protect my interests and to act in any way possible to combat such damaging disinformation.”

On the clay courts of Bastad this week, both Karatsev and Basilashvili fought for the title. A quarterfinal defeat by Francisco Cerndolo ended the Russian’s Bastad debut. However, Basilashvili was knocked out in the first round in Bastad by Hugo Gaston.

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It’s interesting to note that Karatsev and Basilashvili will face off in Hamburg’s opening round next week.

Aslan Karatsev responds to match fixing allegations
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