Cerundolo wins the Argentinean final and takes his first ATP title

“It is amazing to think about. To begin, I would like to extend my congratulations to Sebastian, not only for this week but also for the incredible way he has played since this time last year “remarked Cerundolo at the presentation of the prize. After falling short in the first final he had competed in, which took place the previous year in Buenos Aires, this was his first victory at the ATP level.

“Taking home the championship is really important to me. Since you are a youngster, you have been daydreaming of competing in these competitions and winning. When I lost in Buenos Aires, I was disappointed since I was watching the game at home, but the experience taught me a lot. I made use of that experience today, and I believe that it contributed to me playing a terrific match and having a great week “honoring the winner of the Bastad game

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Cerundolo wins the Argentinean final and takes his first ATP title
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