“I couldn’t watch”: Matteo Berrettini returns to Wimbledon ahead of comeback

The amount of disappointment was significant, and the number of mistakes that occurred during the year was excessive. Matteo Berrettini is working hard to put the latest setback that occurred prior to the beginning of the Wimbledon tournament in the past: the fact that he tested positive for Covid-19 prevented him from participating in the London Grand Slam and maximizing his chances of achieving a significant result.

The Italian has made a full recovery, has tested negative for many days, and is eagerly anticipating his first official encounter after the forced hiatus that was imposed on him. Before travelling to the United States of America to compete on cement, ‘The Hammer,’ like many other tennis players, switched surfaces and focused on clay while competing in Europe. Cement play takes place in the United States of America.

The ATP 250 will take place in Gstaad, Switzerland, and Roman, who is now 26 years old, will compete there. He will be the No. 2 seed on the draw for this competition. Casper Ruud is without a doubt the most formidable opponent, since he is a really tough player on clay. Despite this, he did not recover to his best form in Sweden, as he was taken by surprise on his debut by Argentine Cerundolo.

Berrettini returns to talk
The Italian will attempt to recover on court the confidence he had in Stuttgart and at Queen’s, as well as the positive sentiments he experienced there. Matteo discussed what took place in the UK in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport. He listed the following events: “It was insanity, especially considering how hard my staff was working to hide their disbelief.

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I shut myself up in my room for many days in the hopes of becoming negative by Tuesday “he remarked. After that, he emphasized, “I just caught the last few minutes of the event that I was watching. I tried my best to watch it, but I just could not do it. Even when I am not competing, I am not generally a huge tennis fan.

I can freely admit that back then I was not very social with the people who tried to contact me by phone or in writing “he let it be known. How he triumphed over the difficult situation: “I made an effort to see the silver lining in the situation. Even though I was feeling unhappy and disappointed, I had just come from two weeks in which things could not have gone any better for me.

Coming back after my hand surgery, I managed to win two tournaments…. In the end, I tried to come back from London with a positive memory of winning at Queen’s and not with a bitterness about not playing Wimbledon,” he concluded.

“I couldn’t watch”: Matteo Berrettini returns to Wimbledon ahead of comeback

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