Lyudmyla Kichenok begins her opening remarks by mentioning the encouragement that she has received from Jelena Ostapenko.

“I have been thinking a lot about going for a stroll around my hometown of Kyiv because the weather has been so nice recently.

I long to go back in time and continue living as I did before. I realize it, things can not be the same as they were in the past, but I still have hope. Since the very beginning, I have had complete faith in Ukraine’s ability to emerge victorious; we intend to spare no effort in this endeavor “Kichenok told Suspiline Sport.

Kichenok and Ostapenko are a formidable doubles duo thanks to Kichenok’s exclusive concentration on the doubles game.

This year, Kichenok and Ostapenko have competed in three finals, and they have also advanced to the semifinals of the French Open and the Wimbledon Championships in consecutive weeks. Ostapenko reached out to Kichenok with support and extended an invitation to her doubles partner to visit Riga because Kichenok was unable to return to her home in Ukraine.

Ostapenko has been a wonderful support, according to Kichenok “Elena Ostapenko has been really supportive of me from the beginning, and she was helpful to me while I was with her in Riga. Jelena did all in her power to ensure that I was okay in the end. Anything is not necessary for me to explain it to her because she has a good grasp on what is taking place.

Up next for us is getting ready for the series in the United States, “The addition of Kichenok

During the qualifying round for the Billie Jean King Cup, which took place in April, Ukraine was defeated by the United States in a close match.
During the time when the two teams were working together to raise money for the Ukraine relief fund, American coworkers were very supportive of the Ukrainian team. “When Ukraine competed in the BJK Cup, it was not as though we were competing against the US team; rather, it was as though we were all competing to raise money for Ukraine.

It was a very heartfelt greeting from everyone. We had a strong desire to come out on top in that match, perhaps even an unhealthy one. We did our best anyhow, because we were playing for Ukraine “Kichenok was contemplative.