McEnroe’s appeal: “Help Novak Djokovic get into the U.S.”

Novak Djokovic was crowned Wimbledon champion for the seventh time and the fourth time in a row. When it came to five-set matches, former world No. 1 Novak Djokovic had another stellar performance.

The Serbian superstar has now won 21 Grand Slams, edging out Roger Federer and closing the gap between him and Rafael Nadal in all-time rankings. The 35-year-old Serbian from Belgrade also rescued a season that was on the verge of becoming a disaster.

Nole may be forced to skip the US Open if he doesn’t get vaccinated against the Coronavirus after the Australian drama production. There is a real danger that the ‘Djoker’ will fall even further down the ranks during the next few months.

To enter the United States next month, the 21-time Slam champion has already said that he will not be putting pressure on the situation. Exclusively to the ‘Tennis365’ portal, John McEnroe lauded Djokovic for his ability to overcome challenges.

McEnroe acknowledges and appreciates Nole’s decision.

“There is no doubt that Novak Djokovic is one of the best ever,” McEnroe said to begin the interview. “However, I appreciate his decision not to vaccinate his children.

He is in excellent health and meticulously assesses every chemical that enters his body. It’s sad that the media has portrayed him in a negative light. What happened in Australia was a disaster for everyone involved, and I pray it never happens again.

Nole was harmed greatly by the way the incident was handled. I’m pleased that he was able to recover, demonstrating once again his mental fortitude “- he said. Serb aspires to play in New York: John hopes so “That he will be able to play in the US Open is something I pray for with all of my heart

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We need someone like him in Flushing Meadows, so please find a way to bring him in.” Until further notice, the Belgrade veteran will be spending time with his family.

McEnroe’s appeal: “Help Novak Djokovic get into the U.S.”

By Antonio Zaccaro

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