Novak Djokovic’s physio adimit: “Great responsibility work with him”

Physiotherapist Ulises Badio talks about friendship and joining Novak Djokovic’s staff in 2017. Interesting remarks and tales about working with the 35-year-old champion.

Explained, “Between 2011 and 2012, I worked for the ATP, so we saw each other. As a physical therapist, my childhood aspiration was to work with number one.

Novak requested me to join his squad in 2017 to treat him. We have been together since he invited me to Roland Garros.”

Novak Djokovic’s PT: “Great responsibility to work with him.”
Despite their closeness, Badio puts Nole’s career first “Djokovic has 200 percent accountability.

When you handle him so roughly, you risk injuring him. I needed a lot of expertise in my profession and to be open to an alternate worldview.

He is always available. Four hours in training and before the game is not enough. I monitor him every second, even when he is sitting down, to check how he is doing or how much water he is drinking, since every little aspect might effect him during the game.”

Then, “I understood how to work and my professional task when I joined the team, but not my position. Novak and I became close and built a strong friendship.”