Petchey extols Novak Djokovic: “Many people would have freaked out.”

It was a Wimbledon to forget as Novak Djokovic won the men’s singles title. Roger Federer’s all-time record of seven titles was equaled by the former world No. 1 in London, when he won his seventh trophy in a row.

The Serbian outfielder was able to make sense of a season that was on the verge of failing thanks to his fourth consecutive victory at Church Road. This year’s Australian Open was cancelled because of the well-known vaccine issue, and he was unable to get past the quarterfinals at Roland Garros.

Nole has already won 21 grand slams, edging off Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the rankings. It’s improbable that ‘Djoker’ will be able to go to the US to play in the US Open, but anything can happen at the last minute.

Recently, a number of prominent Americans have come out in support of Novak. Mark Petchey returns to the Wimbledon final between Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios for the newest episode of the ‘AO Show’ podcast.

Is Djokovic impressing Petchey?

When Novak Djokovic came back from a set down to beat Nick Kyrgios in the Wimbledon final, Petchey said he exhibited “great mental strength” throughout the match.

“Because Kyrgios served so brilliantly throughout the match, a lot of players would have freaked out. Nole was a master at staying focused and never backing down. It was not easy for Djokovic to control his jitters and keep putting pressure on Nick, even if he is the finest rebounder of all time.

After all these years, the Serb has proven that he is one of the greatest players ever “- Mark threw in a little something more. Patrick Mouratoglou lauded Novak’s strategies in an Instagram video: “Djokovic turned the exchanges into the game’s deciding factor by being able to answer so frequently.

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In the first set, Nole appeared defeated, whilst Kyrgios was confident. Another battle began in the second quarter. The Serb was a master at keeping his cool in stressful situations.”

Petchey extols Novak Djokovic: “Many people would have freaked out.”

By Antonio Zaccaro

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