Roger Federer on vacation in Greece: photos

This time, the sole appearance will be on social media. Fans have reported seeing Roger Federer while he was on vacation, and some of the photos can only be shared on social media. The Swiss national champion is taking advantage of having extra time off from the fitness center and the tennis court by traveling to Greece, his destination of choice to spend some time during the summer season.

The person in the photos, who is 40 years old, was seen wearing a hat and sunglasses, which indicates that it was rather warm and the perfect time for them to take a vacation from their rehabilitation and go around the Greek peninsula. His notoriety immediately grew, and photographs with the ex-number one player in the world featured prominently in the background were also shared on Twitter.

“It was good to have a bit more serenity, as it had already occurred due to Covid’s presence, since I had been on the road for such a long time that it was necessary.
It has enabled me to strategically schedule my vacations and spend more time in certain locations, something I would not have been able to do otherwise. Sometimes we get homesick for competing in numerous events all around the world, and personally, I miss playing sports. However, I believe that life at home, in a manner that we can refer to as normal, is also good,” are the words spoken by King Roger in a recent interview with the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, really surprising all his fans when he said, “If you are no longer competitive, then it is better to stop.

Tennis is probably not something I need “. Everyone is waiting for him to make a full recovery from his extremely long injury and return to the court so that he may compete in one more (short) tournament on the ATP circuit. Everyone is waiting for him with patience. In light of the enthusiastic response he received on Centre Court during the commemoration of Wimbledon’s 100th anniversary, the idea is presumably to compete all the way up to the championships the following year.

A doubles match between the Swiss tennis star and his buddy and fellow Spanish champion Rafael Nadal has been touted many times as being scheduled for the Laver Cup, which will take place in London in September. The difficulty of the task guarantees that it will be memorable.

Another competition that helped make Federer famous is taking place in his hometown of Basel, and he has already confirmed his participation in it.