Russian Tennis Federation comments on Karatsev match…

There has been a flurry of claims leveled at Russian tennis star Aslan Karatsev. Russian Tennis President Shamil Tarpischev has dismissed them as baseless. When ZDF reported on the match-fixing investigation of Karatsev and Nikoloz Basilashvili during the Wimbledon final, it was widely reported.

Karatsev, a 2021 Australian Open semifinalist, was reportedly implicated in match-fixing in the past, according to a report. When asked to comment on the ZDF report, which alleges that Karatsev was possibly involved in a match fixing in the past, Tarpischev said that the Russian Tennis Federation would have been alerted if anyone noticed anything suspicious regarding Karatsev’s matches.

“It is a really amusing predicament. Discussions can take place if there is anything formal in place. As a result, you never know who says what in a tabloid chronicle like this. Since this is 2019-2020 and there would have been an announcement by now, we are not surprised.

Furthermore, no one informed us of anything “Tennis365 quotes Tarpischev as saying in Sport Express.

According to Tarpischev, Karatsev’s charges are false.
Russia’s state-owned media RIA Novosti contacted Karatsev’s father, Kazbek, said that Aslan is a clean athlete and that he thinks the allegations made against his son are some kind of provocation.

“This is the first time I have heard of this. This is utterly illogical. In 2020, Yatsyk was suspected of fixing games, as far as I am aware. Aslan is not mentioned, is he? They haven’t worked together for more than a year,” Kazbek told RIA Novosti.

“I don’t even know where such information could come from, it became interesting to myself. Maybe some kind of provocation. But Aslan is very calm, he doesn’t bother anyone. I haven’t been able to talk to him about this yet. He has a tournament now, and before the matches we don’t usually call each other so he is less worried.”