This, according to Mouratoglou, is the reason that Novak Djokovic triumphed against Kyrgios at Wimbledon.

Recently, French tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou gave his thoughts on the Wimbledon final, which will be played between Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios. The contest has been eagerly anticipated. In spite of the expectations, the Serbian champion was able to win without encountering any specific difficulties. Although he was defeated in the first set, he went on to dominate the match and only gave his opponent the opportunity to win the crumbs.

Mouratoglou provided an explanation for Nole’s convincing victory on his own YouTube channel, as follows: “In a match, the serve and the response each play a major role, and in this instance, both of those roles had a very significant part in the outcome of the match.

When the match first started, Novak had trouble returning Kyrgios’ serve, but as the match progressed, he became much better at reading the serve of his opponent and was able to return it with ease. As the match went, the exchanges grew more essential because of the impact that Novak Djokovic’s answer played, which was an important part.

In this fashion, Djokovic became an unquestionable favorite, but Nick still had a chance to win the match if he was able to play an important role with his serve. It is common knowledge that Djokovic possesses the finest reaction in the entire globe and very possibly the finest response of all time.

When the ball is in play, it is all about the exchanges, which is why Djokovic is better than Kyrgios at this point in the match. That, in my opinion, was the primary factor that led to Nole’s success.”

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The comments of Mouratoglou as well as clarifications pertaining to Novak Djokovic

The well-known trainer then proceeded by saying, “The ability of Novak Djokovic to minimize the duration of the exchanges is another factor that will determine the outcome of the match.

When the stakes are high, Novak Djokovic plays with an abundance of self-assurance. He favors engaging in lengthy exchanges, and when the match reaches that stage, it is tough for Nole to be the player to make the first error. Because Nick Kyrgios has gone so long without training, it is unavoidable to state that his form is not at its peak. As a result, in order for him to have any chance of winning, he needed to reduce the amount of time spent in between points.

Because he did not accomplish it, something transpired as a consequence. Djokovic was able to dominate his opponent in the opening set by first analyzing his serve, then preparing for it, and then winning the match. Djokovic was able to turn the match around and win thanks to his composure throughout the encounter.”

This, according to Mouratoglou, is the reason that Novak Djokovic triumphed against Kyrgios at Wimbledon.
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