According to ATP legend, ‘Novak Djokovic needs to play at…’

Novak Djokovic won his eighth and most recent title at Wimbledon. There were no perfect matches, but the former world number one once again showed to be the best in the five-setters once again. The Serbian superstar has now won 21 Grand Slams, dethroning Roger Federer and narrowing the distance between him and Rafael Nadal in the all-time rankings.

The Belgrade native, 35, saved a season that was on the verge of being a flop. Nole has already paid a high price for his decision not to get inoculated against the Coronavirus, and he may be forced to withdraw from the US Open following the Australian soap opera.

This year, the “Djoker” has dropped numerous spots in the ATP rankings and could fall even further in the coming months. The 21-time Grand Slam champion has previously declared that he will not compel the circumstance to enter the United States the month following his return.

John McEnroe lauded Novak Djokovic’s ability to overcome adversity in an interview with the ‘Tennis365’ portal.

McEnroe discusses the Djokovic match.

“It’s terrible that Novak Djokovic’s career has devolved into such a mess.

A complete and utter failure. Are you kidding me that he was expelled from Australia in the manner he was? Because of how that all turned out, I have much more admiration for him for having persevered. I’ve never seen a tennis player as mentally tough as he is.

Djokovic’s mental fortitude rivals even that of (Rafael) Nadal’s. It’s amazing what he can deal with and still perform at this exceptional level.” It would be “crazy,” according to McEnroe, if Djokovic were denied entry to the US Open because of his vaccination status.

We must resolve this, he insisted. “Djokovic must compete in the US Open. He must play. Because we need this “great champion” there, please figure out a way to make this happen. Mark Petchey, a former tennis player turned analyst and coach, weighed in on the Novak Djokovic vs. Nick Kyrgios Wimbledon final.

Despite the fact that it was Nick’s first major final, “I think it had a pretty, to be honest, a pretty focused Nick as well, I think he came out of the blocks incredibly calm, given the fact that it is his first major final and obviously I think you always have to remember this is the surface that he obviously feels as though he’s got the best of winning a major on,” Petchey said.