Cerundolo believes that one of the secrets to winning Wimbledon was playing Rafael Nadal.

The match between Francisco Cerundolo and Sebastian Baez in Bastad resulted in Cerundolo’s maiden ATP championship victory. Baez was his opponent. The Argentine, who had lost the final in Buenos Aires the previous season, recognized that this cost him a lot and agreed that the match against Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon was crucial to winning this championship.


The fact that I was able to win my maiden ATP title seems like a dream come true. The defeat in the final the year before in Buenos Aires, which I shared with Schwartzman, still hurts. Because of the freeze on point accumulation, I was not in the position that I deserved, which would have put me somewhere between number 70 and number 80. It caused me a lot of pain, and I was angry about it for a good portion of the year 2021. However, ever since the final preseason, I’ve begun to settle down, both physically and psychologically. I had no doubt that it was only a matter of time.


You get an early glimpse of how they will play against you, including how they will welcome you on the court and how they will look at you. In tennis, which is known for being a “ego sport,” it is highly crucial to begin establishing a name for oneself in the tennis community. Everyone in this place is certain that they are the greatest. You really have to have faith in it, since it is an essential component in bringing about positive outcomes.


My conversation with Rafa was beneficial to me in a variety of different ways. Being on the Central Court at Wimbledon, with full benches, and competing against Rafa required me to psychologically suppress a great deal of emotion. I played really well, and it made me think that if I could be competent in this scenario, then I could be capable in any situation. I am prepared to take on any obstacle. The fact that I was able to force the match into a fifth set gave me confidence in my chances.

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Cerundolo believes that one of the secrets to winning Wimbledon was playing Rafael Nadal.
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