From his triumph in Bastad to Rafa Nadal: Francisco Cerundolo recounts his successes

The Cerundolo brothers have played a significant role in the resurgence of Argentine tennis. After last year’s triumph in Cordoba by the younger Cerundolo, the older brother is back on top after winning yesterday’s Bastad competition.

Great win over Baez and a place in the world’s top 30 for Francisco. The tennis star was interviewed by La Nacion’s microphones and talked about his hard work and the details that lead him to victory in Bastad, Argentina.

The following is how the 23-year-old gets into the Top 30: “It’s a dream come true for me to win my maiden Atp championship. Last year’s final loss in Buenos Aires to Diego Schwartzman was heartbreaking, and the point lock prevented me from achieving the place I merited on the leaderboard.

I was angry and unhappy at the time, but things have changed dramatically this year. For the better, I began to push myself mentally as well as physically.

I began to progress on all surfaces after making it into the top 100. Though the results were disappointing, I believe I did well considering the circumstances. Everything went according to plan this week.”

Analysis on the final and Rafa Nadal’s threat to win the title.

Cerundolo went on to say “In the final, it’s even more tough to take against an Argentine. In Buenos Aires, it had previously occurred, but this time it went much better and I pushed myself to the limit.

However, I was able to come out victorious in the end “Cerundolo made it clear that his victory over Rafa Nadal at Wimbledon was a crucial factor in his success. However, the Argentine lost to the Majorcan champion, despite playing well.

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Francisco elaborated on this point, saying, ” “The match with Rafa was a huge learning experience for me. I’m ready for anything now that I’ve had to endure and face so many emotions playing at Wimbledon in front of a big stadium against Rafa. I was very confident in my chances after seeing him face him like that.”

From his triumph in Bastad to Rafa Nadal: Francisco Cerundolo recounts his successes

By Antonio Zaccaro

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