“It’s going to be very difficult”: Leif Shiras talks about Nick Kyrgios’ future.

The 27-year-old Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios reached the Wimbledon finals just a few days ago, becoming the youngest player ever to do so. Grass is the best surface for Australian talent, and this event proved it.

Nick took advantage of a number of notable absences throughout the tournament, including that of world number one Daniil Medvedev, Matteo Berrettini (who tested positive for Covid at the start of the tournament), and Rafa Nadal, who withdrew from the semifinals moments before he was set to face Kyrgios.

Irregularity and genius Kyrgios has been chastised in the past for his overbearing demeanor on the court, but that is no longer the case in this 2022 season. Interestingly, Kyrgios and his good friend Thanasi Kokkinakis won the Australian Open together.

Shiras weighs in on Nick Kyrgios’ predicament.

Leif Shiras, a former American tennis player, believes Nick Kyrgios can reach another Grand Slam final.

Shiras delivered the following words to the Sportkeeda microphones during a fascinating chat with Kamau Murray: “Nick has the talent to make it to another Slam final, in my humble opinion. With this lineup and a Slam bereft of stars who retire or are otherwise unable to compete, it will be difficult to secure another tournament.”

Shiras then went on to elaborate, saying: “Nick reminds me a little of my old tennis hero, John McEnroe. Even though John had a lot of natural talent, you never knew if his demeanor and temperament would interfere with his ascent and subsequent improvement as a tennis player.

Despite this, I’m not convinced that Kyrgios has what it takes to match John’s achievements on the court. He has the potential to reach another Grand Slam final, perhaps at the US Open, because of the surface’s suitability to his game.”

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Despite Shiraf’s forecast, Nick nn has never advanced past the third round at the US Open, an event he does not particularly enjoy.

“It’s going to be very difficult”: Leif Shiras talks about Nick Kyrgios’ future.
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