Maestrelli goes on the run: here’s first Challenger seal and new best ranking. The interview

A young Italian tennis player from the class of 2002 won his maiden Challenger circuit competition in Verona, one of several rising stars in the country. In the final, he overcame Giles Simon, Flavio Cobolli and Sebastian Ofner, as well as world number 90 Pedro Cachin. He is Francesco Maestrelli. The victory propels the Tuscan to number 237, his highest place yet in his brief professional career.

With one ITF championship under his belt and a towering frame, the Tuscan completed 2021 as the world’s 759th-ranked player. In 2022, he will have made some great progress. We interviewed him a few weeks ago, and we are re-watching it now.

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Face-to-face with Francesco Maestrelli in an Instagram post with the handle maestrelli

In retrospect, “Maestrelli blows like the Mistral…” would be an apt description of the last several months.

“The last few months have been grueling. Things did not go as planned when I graduated from high school. But we went in there, worked hard, and got results as a consequence of it. I had never made it past the quarterfinals of an ITF event before to that final, so winning the championship in Greece came as a surprise. On the other hand, during this year’s in Pula, I can not say it was in the air, but I felt good about it. Even though I was doing admirably on the field and in the gym, and my skill level was steadily growing, there was still one thing missing: a win, which was eventually secured.”

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Your past, present, and future are all intertwined.

“At the time I first began playing tennis, I was only 5’4″. As a matter of fact, I was a tiny person. I recall being exhausted and sprinting as if I were on the verge of death. Then, as I grew taller and taller, I was forced to learn new skills that were not previously part of my repertoire. We spent a lot of time focusing on mobility. This is an area where I consider myself to have excelled. My backhand has long been my go-to shot, but we have recently shifted our attention to the forehand, which has been playing really well. In addition, I am striving to get closer to the court so that I may be more aggressive and create more plays on the field. We still have a long way to go, but we are making progress.”

Alcaraz, Sinner, and Rune are the three characters. Who is your favorite?

“Alcaraz now holds the upper hand. You can not stop him, he is a true phenomenon.”

The three things you would try to get away with stealing

“I would take mobility from Alcaraz, strength from Sinner, and squareness from Rune. Holger has a really symmetrical face.”

Your resemblance to a player

“Until recently I could see myself a little bit in Medvedev, because he plays so much from distance and uses his backhand better…”

You have developed a taste for the forehand, despite…

“Yes, I’ve taken a liking to it. Congratulations! (Ed.) However, Garin is one of my favorites. My backhand and forehand techniques are not exactly the same as his but, with time, they seem to be evolving in the direction of his.”

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What is the name of the person you look up to?

As a lifelong Federer fan, “I’ve always been a huge Federer supporter, so I’m a little bit in mourning since he can’t play.”

The year 2022 is a good time to think about technological ambitions.

“I would like to improve my serve consistency, as I am still a little shaky. And I would like to refine my volleying game.”

What do you expect your overall ranking to be at the conclusion of the year?

“At the beginning of the year I set a goal to be in the top 400 by the end of the season. Let’s say that this goal is now much closer than I thought (now widely exceeded, ed.). So I don’t want to set myself any further goals. I want to continue to play calmly hoping to go as far as possible.”

Maestrelli goes on the run: here’s first Challenger seal and new best ranking. The interview
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