Not just Jannik Sinner: the new Next Gen makes Italy dream.

If the season ended today, Italy would have eight appearances in the Top 20 of top Under 21 teams worldwide, to sum it up quickly. Topped by Matteo Gigante at number twenty-one, Matteo Arnaldi at twenty-six, and Mattia Bellucci, which clearly shows the genuineness and the remarkable progress of Italian tennis at this precise historical period.

It’s no surprise that Carlos Alcaraz, the lone ‘out-of-quota’ player in the top 10, will be competing in the Turin Finals and not the Next Gen Finals. If he wins in Hamburg, the gifted Spaniard would become the first player since Rafael Nadal in 2005 to break into the world’s top four for the first time.

Tsitsipas, who currently leads the rankings after winning the Australian Open and Roland Garros, would be just behind him if he were to pass him in the Race.

Alcaraz is followed by Sinner, who is more over 2,000 points behind because of the championships. Behind “our” Lorenzo Musetti, on the final step of the podium, stands the very youthful Holger Rune.

Francesco Passaro and Flavio Cobolli round out the Top 10, with Luca Nardi and Francesco Maestrelli rounding out the rest of the Top 14. Giulio Zeppi comes in at number sixteen. eri, instead of Giulio Zeppieri, it’s the seventeenth. There’s a lot of Italy just waiting to go off and leave its mark. Featured Image Source: Getty Images

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Not just Jannik Sinner: the new Next Gen makes Italy dream.
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