“Play roulette”: Aleksandr Bublik ignites harsh controversy. Cressy doesn’t go for it

Indeed, the Kazakh did not hold back, speaking in an unorthodox manner and even taunting his adversary in the process “You were quite fortunate. Play roulette with your winning money.

You’ll be richly rewarded, “The nasty statement from the Russian-born tennis player sparked an immediate backlash. Although he had taken the first set 6-2 and was even up 3-0 in the second, the player refused to accept loss right away (with an opportunity for a double break).

When the Americans took a break for medical reasons and quickly regrouped, they were able to make a strong comeback and win the challenge. Cressy was quick to respond to Bublik’s remarks, “I apologize for being so fortunate,” he said.

The winning words of the contestant

We learned that Cressy had a medical issue and how it affected his attitude following the MTO at the press conference: “He said my knee was unharmed and that I could try one more time.

I paid attention to every detail. I was able to take a breather during the match’s latter stages thanks to the suspension, which allowed me to focus on the task at hand “he commented. John Isner, the American tennis player who lost in the semifinals to kazako, responded to the kazako’s criticism with a tweet: “He plays a style of tennis that is incredibly unnerving for his opponents. Congratulations to him on winning his first championship, everyone! “was made to various social media outlets.

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“Play roulette”: Aleksandr Bublik ignites harsh controversy. Cressy doesn’t go for it
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