Rafael Nadal, much uproar on social media over a photo from the past: here are the details

While it may appear to be just another picture of Rafa playing tennis at one of the many Slam tournaments that he has competed in, the photo that was shared on Twitter by one of his followers is not just any picture.

It’s a rare picture of a champion like the Spaniard posing with a potential WTA champion. In fact, a little girl of Asian descent with thick brown hair can be seen lurking behind a 20-year-old Nadal.

Naomi Osaka, who was just 9 years old at the time of the photo, was in attendance at one of Rafael Nadal’s many matches at the 2006 US OPEN when the picture was taken. There is no doubt that Naomi Osaka is one of the world’s most well-known and admired tennis players.

The immediate reaction of fans to the photo’s publication is therefore not surprising. Some even went out of their way to say, “The most beautiful photo ever” Others used the word “iconic” to describe the significance of the photograph. It is difficult, in fact, to make light of the fact that one of the strongest and most appreciated future tennis players ever is watching the match of a 20-year-old who will be, also, among the best tennis players and sportsmen in history.

They acquire even more value the words Osaka said some time ago about Nadal. The Haitian tennis player in a had made statements that spoke of a sports interview beyond a simple attestation of esteem. Tennis players NAOMI Osaka and Rafa Nadal

While Naomi Osaka has been back on the court for months after taking a hiatus due to depression, which she publicly admitted to having in a well-publicized press conference, she is currently ranked 38th in the world.

Then, she’s a long way from the top spot that made her famous around the world. Toronto, Canada, will host the Masters 1000 competition, where she will also meet her idol, Rafael Nadal, who is competing.

Possibly, they will meet in front of this historic portrait and Naomi Osaka will tell the person who said in that famous interview, “Every child who plays Tennis dreams of becoming like Nadal.”

And who knows if she wasn’t already dreaming of being a winner like him in that photo when she looks so pensive.