After Covid-19, Kontaveit breaks into another grin and says, “Now I feel one hundred percent”

Anett Kontaveit is a shining illustration of how exposure to Covid-19 may reduce a person’s physical capabilities. The Estonian player, who is presently ranked number two in the world, had a difficult time getting back to feeling well. For example, she was eliminated from Wimbledon in the second round. However, she is currently feeling much better. This week, Kontaveit will participate in Hamburg, and he is looking forward to playing some solid tennis there.


Due to my recovery from Covid-19, I wasn’t able to devote a lot of time to working. I didn’t even have enough time to really prepare for Wimbledon; in fact, I didn’t do anything at all during those days since I was taking a rest in order to become fit again. Just prior to Wimbledon, I had begun to make some progress and was interested in participating. The outcome was not what I had hoped for, but going was the appropriate choice considering how much better I had been feeling lately. Now that I’ve gotten my health back to 100%, I can train to my full potential and push myself to the absolute limit.


Although Torben Beltz seems to have a very favorable view of us, our time together has only been a month so far. I’m pleased with how the training is progressing, especially now that I’m starting to feel like my old self again. Because I agree with his suggestions for how I might improve my tennis game, you could say that everything is in perfect order.


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Being one of the top 10 is something that has never happened to me before. Although this is the first time I’ve ever been here, I’ve spent a lot of years working toward achieving this objective. Now that we have a player like Iga who is looking amazing, the gap between her and I is far larger than it used to be. It looks like she is having a wonderful year so far. This season, the level of competition among the females is really high; anyone may lose, which means you have to always be in the best shape possible.

After Covid-19, Kontaveit breaks into another grin and says, “Now I feel one hundred percent”
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