Alexander Bublik ‘accuses’ Maxime Cressy after final: John Isner intervenes

he failed to convert in the third set.

It appears that Alexander Bublik has “accused” the other player, and John Isner steps in.

When it was time for the final awards, Bublik let out a scream and curse at Cressy. “What a terrific turn of events! Go to the casino and play the roulette with your entire winnings.

You’re going to come out on top “For further information, please see the following link: The American, who had just won his first major championship, said, “I apologize for being lucky,” as he raised his trophy high into the air. After the press briefing, Cressy was all smiles.

“To win your first ATP title is a great feeling. I never expected to win it in such an unconventional manner. This is where I made my debut on the main circuit, and the atmosphere is always electric.

There were many highs and low points today, but I am proud of myself for persevering. At the US Open, he’ll be the highest-ranked seed. For me, that was the endgame. Achieving this goal has made me happy “For more information, please see the following link:

Friend of Cressy John Isner was not happy with Bublik’s post-match remarks and took to Twitter to vent his displeasure. His fellow American cheered and “scolded” the Kazakh.

“Everyone is responsible for his or her own good fortune.. Max’s style of tennis is particularly unnerving for his opponents. First ATP Championships for him! “As a