Allegations of racism for Matteo Berrettini: LeBron James involved.

After his forfeit at Wimbledon, Matteo Berrettini is about to play again. When certain symptoms were present, the Italian tennis star, who was one of the favorites to win, willingly agreed to take the swab, which subsequently came out to be positive, and declared on social media that he was withdrawing from his debut match against Garin in London owing to a Covid positivity.

He subsequently said, “I didn’t see Wimbledon” expressing his regret at missing Wimbledon, the second Grand Slam of the year following Roland Garros. The drama surrounding Wimbledon is finished, therefore the winner from the previous year has made the decision to take a break on clay before moving on to American cement for the Masters 1000 and US Open. He is the second seed at the Swiss Open, which is being held in Gstaad.

back on social media as well as the tennis courts. After making few posts, Berrettini came back to honor LeBron James, one of his all-time inspirations. The Italian’s choice of emoticon in the social media post, however, sparked a fair amount of criticism.

the argument and charges of racism

To recognize the glory of the American basketball star, Berrettini shared a photo of himself along with two emoticons: a gorilla and a crown, both of which were used to honour the King.

The latter option was poorly understood, sparking a debate on social media, with racism being the major charge leveled. One Twitter user asks, “25 years old and you use the gorilla emoticon to talk about a black person?”

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On the other side, someone makes an attempt to determine the player’s intentions: “I don’t think he intended to offend anyone, but it can be misinterpreted and I understand if people get angry with him.”

Allegations of racism for Matteo Berrettini: LeBron James involved.

By Antonio Zaccaro

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