Atp 500 Hamburg, Nardi still immature for main draw: balance is positive

For Luca Nardi, it comes to an end in the opening round of the Atp500 competition in Hamburg. The qualifier from Italy smashes up against Pablo Carreno Busta and loses with a score of 62–61. In the next round, the Spaniard will compete against Alex Molcan.

The battle
too powerful Carreno Busta, a Spaniard competing in the second round of the Atp500 Hamburg, never let the match be in doubt. Luca held on until the third game of the opening set before dropping the next five games in a row and giving his opponent the first portion with the score of 62.

Motivated by
The second set goes even worse, if that is possible. Due to the significant tennis skill gap and lack of experience in such crucial matches, the young blue only manages to win one game, the third. Both partials stop at number 61.

Nardi, who skillfully made it through the qualifying round and experienced such a significant stage as Hamburg, will remember this German experience, though. Against the other side, Carreno is getting ready to take on Slovakia’s Molcan, a second-round favorite.

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