Carlos Alcaraz: “I have a goal for the end of the season. I’m learning different things.”

It’s time for Carlos Alcaraz to make his Hamburg 500 debut against the host Nicola Kuhn. After a two-week post-Wimbedon hiatus, the young Spanish tennis player is confident and ready to take the court for this tournament on the red clay “Playing on clay has always been a test for me, even though I know I’m doing well, but returning from the grass circuit is always a challenge.

I’ve been training here and at the Academy for a few days now, and I’m confident that I’ll be able to begin the tournament in the best possible way.” On what he has learned this season

“The top players in the world have taught me how to play in front of a large crowd and in high-pressure situations.

I feel more mature now because I’ve learnt how to deal with the stress and anxiety that comes with playing in major matches. That’s why I’m where I am now, I believe.

Hamburg and the aims

It’s possible that he wants to finish in the top three.

“That would be nice, but my primary focus right now is on making the ATP Finals in Turin at the conclusion of the season, not on ranking.

Even though I’m struggling to keep winning matches and tournaments, that’s what will keep me going up in the rankings.” On whether or not he has risen swiftly in the rankings.

“True, this year has been an incredible year for me, and I didn’t anticipate it to go as quickly as it has.

In my situation, it all happened so quickly and unexpectedly that hard effort pays off, as I often say.” Playing in Hamburg was an easy choice.

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“Pablo, last year’s champion, spoke with me.

Of course, I also spoke with Juan Carlos, a long-time member of the ensemble who has performed admirably here. I decided to come to Hamburg because it is a great tournament, and I was confident that there would be a lot of talented players.

Also, Pablo and Juan Carlos both told me that this was a wonderful event. During the first round, Kuhn won

Because he was a student at Juan Carlos Academy and competed against my older brother when they were children, “I am extremely familiar with him.”

Carlos Alcaraz: “I have a goal for the end of the season. I’m learning different things.”
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