Daria Kasatkina challenges (not only) Russian taboos: I live in peace and f*** everyone else

Daria Kasatkina not only has excellent tennis skills, but she also has very clear, free, and accurate thoughts. About the world, herself, and how everyone of us ought to be able to and want to live each day. Unmistakably, this is what can be inferred from the interview the 25-year-old Russian woman gave to her fellow countryman Vitya Kravchenko, an animator for a popular blog and YouTube channel.

An interview that obviously was not well received back home, at least by the few few who had the freedom to see and listen to it. In fact, the top-ranked tennis player in Russia (now ranked 12 in the Atp rankings) admitted that she has a partner, is content to live her life according to her own terms, and is unconcerned with the taboos that continue to exist on this topic in her country and elsewhere. A coming out that occurs just a few days after that of professional soccer player Nadya Karpova.

“I have a lot of admiration for Nadya and what she has accomplished, not only for herself but for all young women who need role models like her. She has benefited not just herself but also others.” And Daria said without hesitation, “Yes.” when Kravchenko asked if she had a partner.

The tennis player went on to say: “Living in harmony with oneself should be the ultimate objective for each and every one of us. Fuck what other people think; that is the only thing that matters.” The topic of homosexuality is controversial in Kasatkina’s own country (she currently resides in Spain), and she is well aware of this: “Given how many subjects are taboo in Russia, this is not surprising. This is almost amazing; if given the option, no one in Russia would choose to be gay. Why? Why make people’s lives so challenging?” Indeed, why?

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Daria Kasatkina challenges (not only) Russian taboos: I live in peace and f*** everyone else
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