Daria Kasatkina’s courage: “I’m with a woman” and defies Russia

Thousands of people have been killed and wounded in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Several players have paid the price for their actions in the sports arena as well. For instance, the British government chose to bar Russian and Belarusian sportsmen from competing at Wimbledon, including world number one Daniil Medvedev, because of national security concerns.

The situation in Russia is rapidly deteriorating, and the criminalization of homosexuality is one of the country’s most critical issues. This year’s Roland Garros semifinalist and current world number 12 tennis player Daria Kasatkina addressed the issue.

The tennis star disobeyed the laws of her own country by coming out as gay on national television.

Daria Kasatkina is open about her sexual orientation.

Kasatkina claimed to be in a relationship with a woman during a YouTube chat with well-known Russian blogger Vitya Kravchenko, and challenged Russia, which is just now passing a law to ban gay propaganda in public.

What she had to say may be found here “There is no way to live in concealment. I don’t think so. It’s impossible. It’s pointless; you’ll be entirely occupied with this till you decide to go..

It’s up to you how and how much you speak, of course. The only thing that important is to be at peace with yourself, and to be a fan**** to everyone else. There is nothing more simple than being straight in this world, and anyone who wants to be homosexual or become gay should know better than this.

For further information, please see the following link: “When asked about her fears of never being able to return home, Kasatkina said she had none. She also expressed her strong disagreement with her country’s response to the recent assaults and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Daria remarked, “This does not surprise me because not only homosexuality is taboo in Russia, but so are discussions of war.”