“Do not ask me whether Raducanu will become a great player, because she already is,” said McEnroe.

Since Emma Raducanu won the US Open in such an unexpected manner, she has been a recurrent topic of discussion in the world of tennis, which is especially notable given that her following successes have not been as impressive as her previous accomplishment. However, John McEnroe has asserted that there is a vast reservoir of promise within the 19-year-old British lad who has recently stepped out to defend himself.

“Don’t bother asking me whether Raducanu will become a good player since she already is one. It is impossible to win a Grand Slam competition without having a high level of skill. Following her victory in the US Open, a lot of people’s attention was focused on her. Everyone looks up to her and expects big things from her. Since then, a lot of things have changed, but she is still going to eventually go back to the level she was at before, “he revealed it to Tennis 365.

But McEnroe doesn’t stop there when it comes to Raducanu’s appreciation; he continues. “I really hope that I will get the opportunity to speak with her because she is a player who possesses something extremely unique, and she is a welcome sight on the women’s circuit. She is a kind young lady who is quite skilled in the game. She have the skill; all she needs now is some experience and some consistency “He brought attention to.

On the other hand, he blamed the strain that the little girl is under on the British media, saying that they are to blame. “I am familiar with the feeling. In the late 1970s or early 1980s, I had the notion that if I were to ever win Wimbledon, I would retire from the sport forever and never compete there again. I don’t care what those journalists think, “he remarked.

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“Do not ask me whether Raducanu will become a great player, because she already is,” said McEnroe.
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