“It’s upsetting”: Andrej Rublev returns to exclusion at Wimbledon

When the tennis player was asked about being excluded from Wimbledon, he said that it was “upsetting” to have his hopes dashed.

“For the sake of competing at their highest level in the four Grand Slam competitions, everyone works hard.

When I heard about the suspension, of course I was upset “Andrey Rublev went on with his remarks. “I spend all of my money on my career, and then I’m unable to work. It’s a bit of a downer.”

It was Rublev who was perplexed as to why the slam was being omitted.

The Russian explained that he was baffled as to why he had been left out of the group.

“From the tennis court, I might have conveyed the proper message, but I always received the same response: The Russian government would use our results for propaganda.

It doesn’t matter what I said, because the answer was always the same. In my mind, I couldn’t figure out what they were saying. To be allowed to play there, I’d have had to obtain a new citizenship, which they would have accepted.”

Following his discussion of this prospect, the 11-time Atp tournament champion expressed his worry of being banned from all Atp competitions in the future.

“If we were entirely barred from all tournaments and I wanted to continue my career, it may have been one of the ways,” said the Russian athlete who won the gold medal in 2020 in the mixed doubles category.

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“It’s upsetting”: Andrej Rublev returns to exclusion at Wimbledon
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