Pigossi recovers in the duo and advances to the quarterfinals

This Tuesday, four players—Duarte Vale, Miguel Gomes, Hugo Maia, and Francisco Rocha—all successfully defended their spots in the second round of the ITF M25 tournament in Idanha-a-Nova, the second straight competition in this category to be held in this part of the nation’s heart. Since it is just Miguel Gomes’ second and Hugo Maia’s third ATP point and Duarte Vale’s second in his first year as a professional, these victories for the other three young players are especially significant.

In the opening round, Vale (568th ATP) defeated fellow countryman Martim Prata (unranked and presently playing on the American collegiate circuit) 6-0, 6-3, in just over an hour, and Gomes (1616th ATP) made an impact against Frenchman Robin Betrand (575th and fifth seed). Hugo Maia (unranked) was leading Tomás Lus (unranked) by 4-0 in a university match when the youngest player fell out. Rocha (unranked, but will regain it next week) required even longer to defeat Canadian Kelsey Stevenson (825th), by 6-7(0), 7-6(1) and 6-4, in 2h51.

The six remaining Portuguese players in the singles main draw will only compete on Wednesday, while Pedro Arajo will still be in action this Tuesday in Idanha.