Earlier this year, John McEnroe commented on Naomi Osaka, saying, “Hate to see someone that good having a tough time.”

John McEnroe, an American tennis legend, has said that he believes it is crucial for parents to allow their child to develop and mature as a player. McEnroe, a seven-time Grand Slam winner, told Tennis365 that he regularly advises parents at his academy against homeschooling their children.

If a child is homeschooled and only has time for tennis, he or she may not be prepared for the pressures of being a professional athlete. As an introvert, four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka struggled to deal with the attention she received after becoming a celebrity.

McEnroe says he has some sympathy for Osaka because he thinks the Japanese person has a good heart.

McEnroe expresses concern for Osaka.

And even when they do succeed, sometimes they aren’t mature enough or don’t want to deal with everything that comes with it,” McEnroe told Tennis365.

I think of Naomi Osaka, who has achieved great success at a young age despite having spent much of her childhood in a protective shell. In addition, she has not been given the opportunity to develop into a full human being. Seems likely, though I can’t say for sure because I’m not familiar with her.

You should know that this is purely conjectural. She has stated numerous times that she is a very introverted and shy individual. And it can be quite overwhelming at times. It’s disheartening to see someone so talented and successful struggling like that.

To me, this suggests we should give this issue our full attention. And I think it’s important for us old guys and girls who used to play the game to try to give some advice so that they feel better able to deal with it, if we can.

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Earlier this year, John McEnroe commented on Naomi Osaka, saying, “Hate to see someone that good having a tough time.”
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