“I had little time”: Carlos Alcaraz explains the difficult time he had in Hamburg.

Despite his obvious talent, Carlos Alcaraz, a young Spaniard, has struggled mightily during his return from the grass season. Murcia’s 19-year-old wild card Kuhn, ranked 259th in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals, was his first opponent in a tournament.

Many were taken aback by what they perceived to be a very dull and struggling version of Alcaraz when they had anticipated a more formal affair. After a rough start in which the Iberian Enfant prodige dropped the first set, he rallied to win the second partial and ultimately the match on a tie-break in the third.

Even though Alcaraz is the top seed in Hamburg, he almost got upset in the first round by Filip Krajinovic of Serbia, who is not an easy opponent even on clay.

The Spaniard Alcaraz tried to explain his feelings after yesterday’s match, which he described as one of the worst of the season. Truthfully, I was making the transition from grass, I had very little time to prepare, and I was aware that my first matches would be challenging.

I’m relieved to have prevailed, and I have high hopes for how the next round will go.

Aspirations of Alcaraz

Alcaraz gave some background information and told some stories about himself just before the tournament began.

His words are as follows: “It warms my heart when I know that young people look up to me as a role model. At this point in my life, being a good person is more important to me than being a great athlete.

I remember as a kid constantly bugging players for photos, so I always make sure to greet anyone who approaches me for an autograph or photo with a friendly expression. To what extent can we enhance this? One’s natural inclination is to use the backhand.

It was Ferrero who taught me the importance of keeping up a constant rate of effort for the duration of a match, which can last up to two hours. Drop shooting is a hobby of mine that I’ve had since I was a kid.