James Blake is appreciative that LeBron James made the decision to pursue basketball.

Former American tennis great James Blake joked that he’s glad LeBron James chose basketball over tennis because it was difficult enough for him to compete with the Big Three in the NBA. Blake, now 42 years old, made his professional debut in 1999 and called it quits in 2013.

James, now 37 years old, was selected first overall in the 2003 NBA draft and has since become one of the league’s all-time greats. While competing in the Big Three era was likely a contributing factor to why the former world No. 1 never won a Grand Slam, Blake’s lack of success was not limited to that era alone.

Only 2 have made it to the Wimbledon final. “I recently heard a remark that suggested LeBron James occasionally wished he played tennis instead. Thank you for choosing basketball from someone who played tennis during the era of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic “Twitter posts from Blake.

I just overheard someone say that sometimes King James wishes he could play tennis instead. Thank you for choosing basketball from the perspective of someone who played the game during the eras of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic. July 18, 2022 — James Blake (@JRBlake)

To Blake’s delight, James picked basketball over tennis.

Most tennis fans agree that the Big Three are the sport’s three greatest all-time players.

To date, Nadal has won a record-breaking 22 Grand Slam titles, with Djokovic in second place with 21. With 20 Grand Slam titles, Federer is in third place all-time. Patrick Mouratoglou, a tennis coach, said after Wimbledon that there is still a chance to become the greatest player of all time.

“The battle for greatest of all time continues, and it’s hotter than ever. Let’s begin with the Big Leagues. With his Wimbledon victory, Novak now has 21 Major Championships, one more than Roger and one less than Rafael Nadal “said Mouratoglou in an Instagram video.

When the tournaments are broken down, however, the standings look like this: “But when we break them down, Novak leads at the Australian Open with 9 titles, Rafa has dominated at the French Open with 14 titles, and Federer still leads at Wimbledon with 8 titles, along with the US Open with 5 titles.”

Unlike Djokovic and Federer, Nadal is likely to play in the US Open. Federer is still recuperating from knee surgery, and Djokovic is banned from entering the United States due to his lack of vaccination.