John McEnroe’s honeyed words for Emma Raducanu

There is a rough patch in Emma Raducanu’s professional life right now. The young British tennis player displayed great talent during her run to the US Open in 2021, but she has not maintained the level of success we might have expected from her.

However, it is important to keep in mind that Raducanu is only 19 years old, so it is understandable that she is struggling under the intense scrutiny of the media. John McEnroe, a man who knows a thing or two about winning, shared his thoughts on the Slam champion with Tennis365 “Don’t bother asking me if Raducanu has any potential as a player because she clearly has it now.

The Grand Slam tournaments are won only by the very best players. Many people were watching her after she won the US Open. All eyes were on her, waiting for her to achieve greatness. Though she has gone through many changes since then, I am confident that she will eventually return to her former glory “.

For his part, McEnroe advises Raducanu to disregard the press.

Throughout his career, John McEnroe has developed the mental toughness to withstand the intense pressure that the press and media of all kinds can exert on a professional athlete’s ability to perform.

This is where the former world number one felt he was on the side of Emma Raducanu, defending her against the press (especially the British press) that had such high hopes for her from the start. “You can count on me to understand.

At one point in my life, back in the ’70s and ’80s, I was convinced that if I ever won Wimbledon, I would never return. The hell with these media people! If that is the case, then yes, I did experience some unusual emotions after my first victory.

I was so energized that I thought I might be able to fly out of the stadium; the thought of competing in this tournament again even crossed my mind. Thankfully, Raducanu is now in a position to do just that.

She takes each day as it comes, but I tell her not to put too much stock in what the press says about her “.