Leylah Fernandez describes how the French Open progressively worsened the foot pain she had been experiencing.

Leylah Fernandez said she initially didn’t pay much attention to her foot injury, but that after seeing the scans, she was devastated. Fernandez made it to the quarterfinals of the French Open, where she was ultimately defeated by Martina Trevisan in three sets.

Fernandez continued to play despite being clearly hampered by a foot injury in her match against Trevisan. A Grade 3 stress fracture was discovered after the game. In his third round match, Fernandez felt a pinch and didn’t give it much thought, as he told TSN, as reported by Tennis365.

At first I just assumed it was a minor cut on my foot, but by the end of the week it was becoming increasingly painful. It wasn’t great in my most recent match, and it wasn’t great the day before, either. We thought it would set us up well for the semifinals, but it didn’t work out.

The pain was intense and sudden. At first it felt like a pinch, but then the pain intensified. Putting my foot down was a struggle, and normal walking was difficult.

Fernandez failed to enjoy the spring growing season.

The scan results confirmed Fernandez’s worst fears: she would be unable to play in Wimbledon.

That was tough. I was devastated for the first few days. I was hoping it was just a sprain or a pinched nerve or a torn muscle in my foot and it would heal in a few weeks, but a stress fracture has set us back even further,” Fernandez said.

I was devastated to learn that I might have to face Coco Gauff in the semi-finals of the Grand Slam tournament. What a perfect pair they would have made! Thankfully, Fernandez’s foot injury appears to be healing well, and she will be able to return to action in Washington soon.

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On August 1st, the Citi Open will begin, and Fernandez is expected to be a star performer. The 19-year-old Fernandez is a newcomer to the Washington tournament, making her debut there this year.

Leylah Fernandez describes how the French Open progressively worsened the foot pain she had been experiencing.
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